Monday, December 8, 2008

I've never been a huge fan of Katie Holmes. I think that's mostly because I was living outside the country during her ascent to stardom when she was on that television show I can never remember the name of. There's no denying the girl is gorgeous, and people I know who have seen her in person swear she's one of the most naturally beautiful celebrities in person. And apart from some of those red carpet missteps when she's gone out and had her own designs so very badly custom made, well, she does show quite a lot of personal style.

Having said all that, I haven't quite understood the craze over her. Okay, granted being Mrs. Cruise must still carry some weight, and she must have one of the cutest kids on the entire continent. And then I pick up the special Holiday edition of the T Magazine, and I have to admit she is stunning. If this is just a teaser for the Prada campaign, I can just imagine her inking a cosmetics deal some time down the line.


Tbone said...

Dawson's Creek is the show you can't remember (or may want to forget).

Katie is uniquely beautiful and I think she is a pretty fair actress as well. Her relationship with Mr. Cruise continues to befuddle but shouldn't detract from her talent and charms. Love her.

I highly recommend "Pieces of April" if you haven't seen it yet. She is quite good in that film and this is a fitting time of year to see it.

It also features an incredible performance from perhaps my favorite unknown actress, Alison Pill, who plays her younger sister.

Victorya Hong said...

I have to say I've seen it, or the first twenty minutes or so. I couldn't get past the hair!