Thursday, January 22, 2009

All the festivities and excitement has forced me to forgo some good tv. And unfortunately, that meant missing the highly anticipated new show on cable with Toni Colette in United States of Tara.

Apparently, I may not have missed much. But I've been a big Toni Colette fan since I first saw her in Muriel's Wedding. I became an even bigger fan after seeing her in Velvet Goldmine, The Hours, About A Boy, and who could forget Little Miss Sunshine?

After all these huge turns and successes, my favorite role will always be the Australian love-torn girl who lip-synced to Abba and dressed up in bridal drag. The best scene in the whole film was probably when she walked down the aisle, grinning ear to ear with a smile like a cat's meow. But this scene must be right up there, too, poly pant suit and all.


Tbone said...

See, this is why I like you. You have exquisite taste. Toni Colette is absolutely my favorite actress.

I would throw her performance in The Sixth Sense in there as well. No one plays the beleaguered mother better.

Oh, and you are in desperate need of a DVR!

Victorya Hong said...

Got the DVR, just don't have the time! I'll have to play catch up in Feb!