Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Nothing beats a good sense of humor. And that's likely one of the top reasons on everybody's list for loving Marc Jacobs so. Despite his tabloid antics, or perhaps because of them, he's always having a bit of a laugh, and what better approach in such trying times?

There seem to be two schools of thought among designers on how to approach the current economy. Go for classic, quality cuts that women can't live without, or go crazy. Happily, Marc has taken the second approach. After scaling down on what's normally a pow wow of a biannual fashion show, he focused the party on the girls. (Is that Snejana with that crazy red flame of hair?)

And oh, what a clever trick. Because if even for a fleeting 15 minutes or so, those lucky spectators inside the Armory probably forgot about everything else going on outside in the blustery cold.


Blogger said...

I am a little tired of all the comparisons to the 80's. Put in big shoulders and automatically your eighties. Maybe this was Jacob's reference, maybe not.

Victorya Hong said...

Tired of all the references or tired of the 80s? I have to disagree with you though because any designer, and any woman, who's bold enough to go for a big shoulder has a pretty huge gold star in my book. I thought MJ really hit it out of the park with this collection. Because remember that other 80s collection he was so famous for? It was all grunge with nary a big shoulder in the whole line.