Friday, October 3, 2008

Sonia Rykiel is a designer after my own heart. While some of her designs may border on the deep side of quirky for my own own personal tastes, I've often seen her girl as a precursor to Marc's, but in that way that only the French seem to know how.

So who knew that the woman has been in the biz for 40 years now? That's a lifetime to most, and in fashion, many lifetimes over. If you've seen some of the spectacular styling in her recent print campaigns, with the girls looking like 70s goddesses, hair curled out in a Sonia-esque do, then you'd agree that the brand has been getting a subtle yet superb face lift recently.

With the help of creative director Gabrielle Greiss, she seems to be reviving the brand, giving yet another life to the Rykiel girl. In her Spring show, what I found fascinating were the last 30 looks, homages to Sonia designed by her elite peers, from Elbaz to Yohji. Could there be a higher form of compliment? And what a tribute: they were all quirky, fun, and memorable, just how I imagine Rykiel to be.


Blogger said...

The bottom right outfit rocks. It should be everywhere on the streets, etc.

Victorya Hong said...

love the top right...and Margiela's take on Sonia's hair? What a laugh!