Thursday, October 2, 2008

Spa Week

Have you ever heard of Spa Week? Well, if your town has Restaurant Week like we do here in New York when you can take advantage of some of the best canteens in town for a fraction of the price, then you might have an idea.

Why do I write about Spa Week? Well, the folks who organize the event have been generous enough to ask me to show my Spring 09 collection there tonight. The evening is going to be packed with on-site spa treatments and Rain Vodka's Organic cocktails. Oh yes, and the whole thing is also sponsored by the bible of beauty tips, Allure Magazine.

So how could a girl like me possibly resist the opportunity? As soon as my own show is over, I'll be getting a much needed manicure and sipping a nice cocktail at the same time.


Tbone said...

Go ahead Victorya. Rub your fabulous NYC life into our noses. How I wish I could be there!

Blogger said...

Korto Koolie

Victorya Hong said...

Fabulous? Hah! And sorry Perry Ellis, I don't get the Korto Koolie play...

Blogger said...

ah sorry. you mentioned sipping a cocktail.

Korto is an interesting designer.

Speaking of Perry Ellis. From my eye, Korto has a sense of proportion similar to PE. The elements of her outfits are nicely proportioned to each other. The size of collars and sleeves... and the stripes on the dress she did with car seat straps.

Blogger said...

Korto II

The yellow Korean dress she did for the first challenge caught my eye.
The dress again had these "just-right" full proportions and all the parts fit nicely.

I could sense the judges not sure of why they liked it even though it was not right for the challenge (use grocery store materials).

Victorya, a few of your earlier pieces on the show were just right also.

Victorya Hong said...

ha! And then look what happened to me!

From what I see, Korto designs like someone who appreciates the cut and fit of clothes, which, I think is a compliment of the highest order.