Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Business is not precisely booming, so if I were minding my p's and q's, I'd do my virtual window shopping with more than a modicum of restraint. Plus, since I'm waiting for the CdG collection to hit H&M (3 days and counting), my shopping budget for the week is close to its limit right now.

But is it just me, or is there an abundance of things on offer? Window shopping on net-a-porter this morning, there are so many things I would love to have...in...my...closet...right...now!

Then again, maybe the economic woes are hitting more people than just those (like me) whose livelihood is based on the perilous ups and downs of the retail industry. People are shopping less, leaving more goods on the shelves, or web pages, of heretofore recession-proof luxury havens. (Oh yes, times are desperate enough where I'm whipping out my heretofores...hey! watch out....I see an irregardless coming this way!)

Just jiving! Call this an early Christmas list, but here is a visual list of things I'd buy if I had a couple of easy grand lying around the house that didn't have to go towards our mortgage or my production orders.

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grace said...

hi!i also have the same problem like you, when i go window shopping i seldom only get to see thing which are so beautiful but never will be able to lay my hands on those beautiful pieces of work....very sad.but i came up with a solution , that is to imagine that you have the cash at hand to buy the items you like. that way you can 'satisfy' yourself temporarily only though. actually i have got one question to ask you. where should i start if i want to make it in the fashion world? Altough i have nothing at hand, literately from scratch...do you have any advice for me?i really hope you can help me cause fashion means a lot to me. By the way i watched project run way, season 4, the one in which you were in and i really liked your work!!!!they were beautiful.