Thursday, November 20, 2008

Oh, Saks is bleeding money, Lucky Magazine is throwing a couple of editors to the curb, and Allegra Hicks is filing for bankruptcy in England. But not all of us are hurting in these trying times. Trust Karl (and Prada, if you´ve read about the new Miu Miu store opening here in the city and rumors of Katie Holmes gracing the co´s next ad campaign) to come through for us and offer a shimmer of light at the end of this bleak and seemingly never-ending tunnel.

Since his recent sojourn here in the US, all us Karl fans (of which you can count me numero uno) learned of his love of ipods (along with Pennsylvania Dutch wheat bread and I Can´t Believe It´s Not butter). But how´s a man like Karl to store his digital devices? Not just in style, but in luxury.

According to the Luxist, Karl doesn´t just stuff his mp3 players into his pockets like all us mere mortals, however bespoke his may be. No, he has Louis Vuitton custom make a trunk, crafted of black Taiga leather, brass fittings, and a sleek microfiber interior. The Karlcase not only carries 20 ipods, it also holds a compartment for speakers and a subwoofer. To top it off, KL´s initials are embossed on top, less some knuckle head think that this valise could possibly belong to someone else.


Blogger said...

How does he hold his Vermont maple syrup?

Victorya Hong said...

Karl does not indulge in syrup! (Pepsi Max is his weakness and the Pennsylvania Dutch wheat bread was his first foray into carbs.)
Should he deign to even pick up a bottle of maple syrup, of course it would be positioned just so to maximize the effect of all his ring fingers, with his pinkie extended.

Blogger said...

Sorry about that Karl. Since all we see on Food Network is baking competitions, how about CC label done in crystallized syrup?