Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Last night as I started pondering the weekend shopping extravaganza ahead for the holidays (I'm an early shopper and like to have everyone crossed off my list come the first week of December), I came across this amazing stocking stuffer.

When I first saw it, my eyes literally bulged out of my head and I was stunned into an ecstatic state of speechlessness (and trust me, that's hard to do.) A Karl puppet finger! I had to have it...immediately...and my goodness, just one simply would not do! I needed ten, lest one deprived finger become jealous of the other!

My, my my, the series of questions that raced through my head when I divined further details. What is this etsy website that's hawking this most coveted of items? And who is mullish muse, the alleged hawker? Then the disappointment hit (formed into yet another question). Why, oh, why, is this item sold out?

The morning after, I still haven't figured out this etsy thing, other than that it seems to be some sort of ebay for crafters. And as for mullish muse? Well he, or she, is importing these little Karls from Mexico! My disappointment dissipated immediately. Without saying, this is a faux Karl and not a genuine thing by any stretch of the imagination since a real Herr Lagerfeld could never be hecho en Mexico.

Mullish muse did get one thing right, though. His size. Apparently felted Karl will only fit "very thin modelesque type fingers, pencils, or pipe cleaners". But the dead giveaway? Little Karl for the digits is wearing a hand-sewn suit with a stylish tie and starched collar, but only "Italian-like". Italian-like? Karl would shudder at the thought in his made to measure tailleur!


Blogger said...

Happy Turkey Day!

melloism said...

I only have 3 available (for the moment)

They are not manufactured, mass produced or anything of the sort. I hand stitch them using a pattern of my own making.

I am a one women operation.

Read the profile section of my Etsy to find out all kinds of information about me. My puppets are not "imported" from Mexico, but are handmade by me, an American, living with my boyfriend in Mexico, who is going to visit their mother for the holidays.

melloism said...

And I hope you don't mind...I just feel I should add, don't be afraid of Etsy. It's not like that other E place at all. They have a stringent policy about sweat shop operations, or mass produce goods being against their policies, and shut them DOWN.

It's a wonderful place-- full of artists who sell directly to the public. Most go out of their way to answer any question you may have about their items. If you don't feel comfortable purchasing from me, there are hundreds of thousands of artists from all over the world (and America if you're only into buying Made in the USA) that are just as creative if not more. Many folks are figuring out this Christmas season Etsy is the go-to place for unusual items you won't find everywhere.

The Milkshake said...

"Well he, or she, is importing these little Karls from Mexico!"

Etsy does not do imports, most every thing is hand made! And what is not hand made is supplies.

Give etsy another try!

trinlayk said...

ETSY is not an auction site, but IS global so artists who make the items are EVERYWHERE. (including China, Mexico, Thailand....)

Including countries that get associated with sweat shops.

Limited quantities, or even items that are one of a kind are fairly common though, BECAUSE the items are handcrafted by the sellers. That's sort of the appeal of ETSY.

I ordered a necklace from an Etsian that arrived about a month ago...I love it so much I wear it nearly every day. It's really wonderful that it IS a limited edition/ or one of a kind item, and not something from a department store, or something EVERYONE is wearing.

Victorya Hong said...

Whoa! Sorry guys, but I took a bit of a breather from my blog (though I should have also taken a breather from all the turkey I consumed as well...Happy Turkey Day right back at Perry Ellis!)
So, I'll have to take another look at Etsy with all these comments. I have to admit, I'm a bit skeptical about ordering online from vendors I'm not familiar with. But personal testimony is probably the best testimony, so I'm going back online and giving it a try. Thanks everyone!