Monday, September 29, 2008

Apparently buyers are not so happy with Olivier Theyskens at Nina Ricci. His high priced red carpet stunners are reportedly tough numbers to sell.

But who cares, really? His Spring 2009 collection was so wildly romantic and breathtaking, a visual and aesthetic delight. It was one of those very few collections that makes you want to say "aha!" out loud, even though there is no one else in the room to hear you.

I once read of him that he used to play dress up as a child. Rather than scolding him, his parents let his imagination roam. Thank goodness for that, because Theyskens' designs have retained a sort of innocence that only a child could posess. They are pure romance, the kind of stuff where you half expect a prince to ride out on horseback and whisk the girl away.

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