Tuesday, September 16, 2008

To Show or Not To Show

It's an interesting debate, one that I've had myself: to show or not to show. For an emerging designer, of course the prohibitive costs are the primary variable in the formula of deciding whether and how to show. Especially for a designer of a contemporary label where wearability is more the concern, rather a high end designer who can justify over-the-top show pieces with 5, or even 6, digit price tags.

Which makes it so interesting that Viktor & Rolf has decided not to show. Well, let me clarify, the label has decided to show off-calendar, and rather than stage one of their extravagant numbers with live band performances and 50 models, they'll be showing on-line.

Is it coincidence that this change in format comes following the company's recent buyout by Renzo Rosso? No, probably not. Despite the fact that V&R puts on one of the best conceptual shows in Paris, the deal probably meant that someone has gone through the company's books and determined that another show extravaganza is not in the cards.

And what more interesting solution could the team have come up with than a virtual one? It's a pretty ingenious idea really, though not entirely original. But for such an established brand as theirs, it does bring out this theme of where fashion is headed in the future. I mean, with Vogue's advertising slipping, and Elle's on the rise, there is evidence enough that old schools are necessarily finding ways to embrace new schools.

Vogue is just now trying to get into the game in a more dignified, albeit late, way with its Model Live venture which, though it's virtual as well, is probably more real than any reality tv on real tv. It's a baby step, but I just wish Anna Wintour would see that America, deep America and high society alike, would want nothing more than to watch her every week on national tv.

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Tbone said...

How interesting to see V&R go the online route. We are seeing more and more of it from all nooks of the fashion world.

Anna Wintour every week?Count this deep American in. I'm such a pathetic fashion reality junkie.