Sunday, September 14, 2008

Now that Fashion Week is over, and I've taken a look at most of the collections, it's making me wonder if I've missed something here. There was still such a strong 80's vibe going on, from the heavy hitting Proenza Schouler boys to up-and-comer Rag & Bone, from Vogue favorite Thakoon and new designer-to-watch Richard Chai to veteran DKNY, which celebrated its 20th anniversary.

Fall 08 was so entrenched in this decade, with the clean lines and polished looks. It surprised me to see so many peg legs back on the runway, matched with sleeveless jackets, and yes, the retail illusive zouave pants (which I happen to love but have the tendency to look like adult diapers with legs.)

Not that I'm the type that has to feel like I'm always in the middle of the fold to be secure. Because that's kind of the great thing about fashion, and one of the complicated aspects a designer has to juggle: how to dress her girl.

That may sound easy at first, but what girl isn't a little complicated? One day she wakes up feeling sexy, another subdued, the next a coquette, and the next maybe a little bohemian.

Bohemian was how I felt next spring, if you haven't already seen. Not just because it seemed like the obvious progression from the clean lines of Fall, but because of everything that's happening right now. I do try my darnedest to veer away from the political on the blog, but now that everyone from here to Alaska is uttering the word change, maybe it got to me.

Oh trust me, it's not that I still won't be loving 80s come next Spring. Here are some looks from Phi, which I think translated that vibe best.

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Blogger said...

I guess its the whole "The End of Fashion" syndrome. Dictates and trends are not necessarily what women are looking for. As long as you market your own style well, you can be successful.