Friday, September 26, 2008

I wanted to share this website I came across in this economic situation we find ourselves in, with stores doing some crazy things out there in these trying retail times.

If you are an emerging designer like I am, where every account counts, where do you go to to find a bit of background info when your factor tells you that the boutique that's placed a five digit order has politely declined to be set up for factoring? I'll tell you where to start, at

Ok, so there will always be some snarky mean-spirited people out there who will always hash about other people. But the site was set up under a code of honesty and simply asks that whatever you post is as factually accurate as possible. So far, I've posted reviews about every single account I've had, from the very bad, to the very very good. So I'd like to think that while my comments have been honest, others' have been too.

So if you had questions about that store in Washington with susceptible credit, look it up on And if you find out that they've shafted designers from here to Nova Scotia, then you decide whether to cut those 29 dresses, or walk away and save yourself some cash for your next order.


Blogger said...

This is interesting. The other group that goes invisible (in my opinion) are the sales and merchandiser that work for clothing company or designers. I guess they are busy getting deals done with stores, but little is known about this side of the business.

Victorya Hong said...

This site includes some juicy bits on showrooms as well. I'd say merchandising comes more into play for larger companies where dept stores play a larger role. And there, you're just kind of stuck with whatever discounts and chargeback policies they have in place.