Friday, September 19, 2008

So despite news that Kate Moss sat front row at Vivienne Westwood's, I find it more interesting that LVMH has confirmed Norwegian designer Peter Dundas will take up the reigns at Pucci when Matthew Williamson's contract expires soon.

This isn't headline breaking news, but I guess it does make me wonder about some things. First, how well must Williamson be doing with his own house to refuse the big bucks, or rather, euros, that a huge conglomerate-owned label like Pucci is paying? Pretty darn well, I'd say. Again, not a big surprise there either, since Williamson's is the sort of line starlets will don for the red carpet, and more importantly, women will buy in droves.

And secondly, is Dundas a little nervous at the prospect of having to fill in Williamson well shod shoes? Williamson did do a pretty fabulous job at reviving Pucci, even on the heels of the venerable Christian Lacroix, who headed up the label before him.

Not that Dundas hasn't done this before, follow in the footsteps of great designers that is. I mean, he is currently at Revillon, which Rick Owens put back on the map a couple of years ago. But who can tell if he's doing a great job there, since he only joined the furrier earlier this year?

And even though LVHM is hailing him as "one of the most promising designers of his generation" does anyone remember his work at Emanuel Ungaro, where Dundas designed for a brief 3 seasons? The biggest news about that brand in recent years cropped up when the house named Dundas' successor, the very photogenic but rather inexperienced Esteban Cortazar.


한희 said...

I am a Korean fan of yours. I live in Korea and watched u on the survival show. I was really proud to see a Korean do such a great job and i was also fascinated by your fashion style. I like how you use as your brand name :-)
I'm basically a fan of yours and i really wish that everything you do will all go well :-0 go girl!

Victorya Hong said...

Hello Han, Thank you so much! The support in Korea has been overwhelming. All the emails from Korean viewers has been so fantastic and so supportive! All the best, Victorya