Wednesday, September 3, 2008

If You Can't Go To Paris

La grande rentrée is happening now in France, when millions of city dwellers return to work en masse after a good month of legally sanctioned vacation along the coast or dans la campagne. It's probably one of the worst times to visit Paris, and with Colette's pop-up store in New York launching this week, that gives us one less reason to want to travel there.

Do you know Colette? The Parisian store has long been hailed as one of the pioneers in concept retail, and deservedly so. It's one of the few retail outlets in the world that I know of where you can buy Comme des Garcons, an Arabian Prince CD, and a Hello Kitty watch under one roof. Now, for nearly a full month beginning this week, all these wares will be available stateside, thanks to some smart thinking by Patrick Robinson at the Gap.

What to buy there? (There, being next to Gap's flagship at 5th and 54th.) Limited edition tees designed by none other than the inimitable fashion illustrator and resident New Yorker Ruben Toledo, as well as denim jackets from Luxemburger Anne-Marie Herckes. That's right, this project will not only bring some smart retailing to American soil, it will also enlighten us about art from that little known tax haven haven in Northern Europe known as Luxembourg!

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