Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Smart Porn

Sundance Channel is showing Green Porn, a new series directed by Isabella Rossellini on the subject of sex in nature and someone just sent me this clip of one of the episodes.

If you don't know already, I am a great admirer of Isabella, who I think is one of the most iconic faces of our time. But that's not why I hold her in such high esteem. She really is an artist and has that artistic spirit which, I think, comes out in this series (along with a pretty wicked sense of humor about love, life and sex.)

Did you also know that the woman volunteers to train seeing eye dogs for the blind? Yes, on top of being one of the most beautiful people to have walked the face of the earth, as well as smart, funny and creative, she has a soul.

1 comment:

Tbone said...

Isabella and her mother are profoundly beautiful, both among th all-time classic beauties.

With both of them, the allure goes much deeper than a pretty face. We are talking mind, body and soul.

Your taste is exquisite!