Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Mas on Mango

Spain seems to be in all the news, or at least the sports pages, what with Nadal at Wimbledon, and the country's victory on the soccer pitch last week. So, maybe it's a bit appropriate that mass retailer Mango is breaking out on some news of its own, unveiling plans to open a number of stores in Iraq.

Not sure how one decides to go into a war-torn country to capitalize on the markets there. Well, it's not like Mango will be the first one. (I have to admit, when I was recently watching some footage of a recent bombing in Iraq, I couldn't help but to notice that the reel had been taped in front of a Bata store. Bata, if you don't know it, is a lower priced mass Swiss shoemaker.)

Enough politicizing, on to the fashion bit. I know Mango is doing loads of business, and is even planning to open up stateside in the future. But I've never been keen to know exactly when and where (though I'd bet New York is in the cards.) And here's why.

Though they've been smart enough to capitalize on Spain's biggest export, Penelope Cruz, Mango just hasn't gotten what Zara and H&M have made multi-billion dollar businesses on. No, I'm not talking about ripping off designs straight from runway. I'm talking about the slightly fashion forward bent that make girls want to run to your store and plop down some cash to look good in a frock that you might wear one season, but be happy tossing out the next. Why? Because you've stocked your stores with a new style they'll want to wear instead, and the low prices can justify such frivolous action.


rach8776 said...

Mango has opened several stores in the States already...the NYC store is in Soho. I wasn't impressed with it at all when I ventured inside...the Mango stores in Spain are much better!!

There is also supposed to be a Mango store in Flushing (not sure if it opened yet), and will be the largest Mango store on the East Coast.

Perry Ellis Fan said...

5:52 am?

I can barely think about coffee at that hour and you are writing essays.

Victorya Hong said...

Thanks for the tip. I have since learned about the Soho store, but you've confirmed that maybe it's not quite worth the gander.

As for my morning blogs, I'm an early riser, but at that hour, not writing just yet. Blogger uses PST, so it's got 3 hours on me.