Friday, July 18, 2008

Where is Lars?

With the collections coming out in just a couple of months, it got me wondering. Where, oh where is Lars Nilsson?

Since having abruptly left Gianfranco Ferre just before the Fall shows (and receiving none of the credit for the work, which was handed entirely to the in-house design team) there's been not a peep from the designer who, despite being recognized for his talent, has torn through design houses like Hurricane Bertha.

He's worked at Christian Lacroix, Balmain & Dior before his highly public firing from Bill Blass, and his abrupt departure from Nina Ricci. While there's been some speculation that Nilsson is a difficult personality, I have to give him some slack. Have you ever worked for a European company, and a privately held one at that? Not to make a generalization, but I can just imagine the inner workings of some of these houses. It is fashion, after all.

But chaos makes no distinction by nationality, especially in this business. I think Halston is proving that point since news broke of Marco Zanina's abrupt departure after less than a year. Come to think of it, with Nilsson's gift for mixing architectural design with his know how of draping, he could be a potential replacement for Zanina. If only personality didn't have to figure into the mix.


David said...

was he the designer for nina ricci before olivier theyskens?
I had no idea.
I love your blog by the way!

Victorya Hong said...

He was, actually. His cv reads like a who's who of fashion. I think Lars was even rumoured to take over at Oscar around all that talk when OdL was going to retire.
And thank you!