Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Wishlist in July

It's a little sad, but sometimes while I'm working I'll take a quick break on netaporter.com and do some virtual window shopping. It's a completely vicarious pasttime, as I've only been weak enough to click "buy" on the website just once. I simply had to have a pair of delicious studded sandals which, alas, have only come out of their box for one occasion. I have to admit, they were still worth their steep price tag because once in a while I'll just take them out to look at them, even put them on inside when I'm sewing away or draping. That's enough entertainment for me most days, way better than a blockbuster movie (and I'm a big cinephile) or a beer (not so much) at my local bar.

So as fall shipments hit stores, here's what netaporter has. I've made my early wishlist. I'm sure it'll change by the time they get their full shipments, and second deliveries. And I'm sure I'll be back on the website to take a gander again at what they're stocking.

(From top left, clockwise: Missoni semi-precious bracelet, Christian Louboutin suede boots, Stella McCartney black ruffle dress, VBH alligator clutch, Burberry studded sandals, Azzaro snap dress.)



Great choices! I would love to have all the pieces in my closet too :-)

Shauna said...

when are your fall shipments hitting stores?! which stores?! is this confidential?

Victorya Hong said...

Hitting stores now...posting them soon on my website, and maybe here too. All in all, by October, should be more than a dozen. Very excited, and a little overworked!