Monday, July 21, 2008

Reigning my expectations

When I read last week that Miguel Adrover was returning to New York to present his Hess Natur line in September, I couldn't help but to get excited. A little further digging and I couldn't believe my luck. More pictures from his soft launch back in the spring when the collaboration was first announced.

Upon closer look, I could feel myself sinking back into my chair, almost reeling back from my computer screen. Besides the gorgeous lamb vest I had seen previously, everything else was so, well, uninteresting. But after taking a quick look at the rest of the line, what could I expect?

I wasn't really familiar with Hess Natur to begin with, and it had sounded like some hip eco-conscious line worn by waifs with money and a concern for political causes, not unlike the Adrover girl. Now I see that the clientele must be significantly older and less fashion-minded. Hey, my mom would definitely go for that knitted dress.

Do I blame him? Heck no. Given his history, when the financial floor was pulled out from under him after his backers folded themselves, who can say no when a serious offer shows its Benjamins again? Still, I'm holding out that when Adrover gets around to his presentation, his gift for theatrics will come alive again, and we'll all be quietly blown away by a familiar face.

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