Thursday, July 17, 2008

A Season of Awards

It's that time of year again when the CFDA announces its nominees for its Fashion Fund, which awards one talented design hopeful a spectacular 200K of much needed cash. Straight on its heels is the Ecco Domani Fashion Foundation, which has often served as a spring board for the CFDA award.

While there's no doubt how extremely prestigious both awards are in the industry, I wondered just how far the accolades and money can get you in what is probably one of the toughest businesses out there. I might be underestimating the gal on the street, but just how many of us have even heard of some of these rising stars, and just how long is their trajectory?

Take for instance Jose Ramon Reyes, who was an EDFF award winner last year, along with household name Alexander Wang. Though the guy is certainly talented, but how many us recognize his label? Or those of past winners Mark Kroeker, Vasseur Esquivel, or Palmer Jones, all of whom, I believe, are now defunct?

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Tbone said...

Speaking of awards, a certain program that you were featured on recently was nominated for several Emmys today.

I have long argued that the designers are as deserving of the accoloades as are the producers.

So congratulations!