Tuesday, July 22, 2008

A Sure Shoe

All the buzz this morning seems focused on fashion's newest partnership between Viktor & Rolf's Italian money man Renzo Rosso. Not that this doesn't deserve all the attention its getting. I mean, who isn't rooting for these renegade designers to become household commodities with a string of licensed deals in the works? And how can you not love a guy like Rosso, who has proven himself the risk-taker and stalwart of the underdog by backing creative forces like Viktor & Rolf and Margiela?

I just hope that all this hubbub doesn't sweep Beatrix Ong's good news under the media rug. Now that she's found backing in Jaeger, I'm holding out that this talented cobbler becomes a big name. I think she could certainly hold her place in the boys club, right along the likes of Louboutin, Choo, and Blahnik.

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test said...

Peach cobbler?