Monday, July 7, 2008

Color Me Pink

All this rain and humidity already has me pining for Fall. But as a fashion designer, I probably have an ulterior motive in saying that. Fall is always so much more interesting as a season for dressing, isn't it? All those layers, sweaters, jackets, tights, and boots. The possibilities are endless. And frankly, if I see (or wear) another tank top, I know my sensibilities will just nosedive into a deep fashion coma until September rolls around.

Which brings me to the subject of color, which we've been seeing a lot of recently. Not loads of it at once, but nice little splashes mixed in with the requisite black and dark hues.

I was once asked by a very smart college student, why is it that you see so many fashion designer showing the same trends at the same time, like certain colors? Well, that's enough for a blog on its own. But it does make me wonder which colors we'll see on the runway for Spring 09. My bet is that there may be some designers taking their cue from Marc's Fall 08 line and opt for a sorbet-like palette. And then, I wonder whether these strong colors, like Tisci had in mind for Givenchy couture, will look old by the time Fashion Week rolls around in September?

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