Thursday, July 24, 2008

Felicidades a Isabel

I get really excited when I hear of good things happening to good people. If you asked me today if there was anyone I admired in fashion, two names would come to mind. One of them happens to be Isabel Toledo, who is being honored by FIT's Couture Council and will have her twenty plus years of work featured in an exhibit...yay!

When I heard that she had been hired to revive the ailing house of Anne Klein a couple years back, I did think the pairing unusual. Toledo, to me, has always been a designer's designer, someone who brings an intellectual approach to clothing. Wasn't she just a little too cool for the Anne Klein woman, who I always pictured decked out in herringbone suits and silk georgette blouses?

Alas, her tenure at AK didn't last long. After a short year, she was "let go", and went back to designing her sculptural, intriguing, eponymous line. Not a bad gig, really, but I do hope she walked off with a big fat compensation package for her short venture in corporate design.

I mean, the woman is so cool and under the radar, she doesn't seem to have her own website, much less make her designs available online in any way. In order to look at her stuff, I need to pick my booty up from this chair, take a train crosstown, and peek into Barney's to admire her work. Which makes me all the more excited for this newly announced retrospective to kick off.

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