Thursday, August 28, 2008

Cuckoo for Karl

If you think I'm a little cuckoo for Karl, well, I am. A documentary was made about the modemeister, which I'm dying to buy on my next trip to France. Here's the trailer. (Oh, it's like an amuse-bouche that just tickles the tongue, but reminds you how hungry you still are!)


Blogger said...

I can't judge whether Lagerfeld's designs are all that great. I guess what makes him interesting is his approach. He works hard, seems to scrap the old and always try for something fresh, and speaks his mind even if it offends.

Tbone said...

Karl's master plan for world domination has penetrated the Fortress of Hong!

Victorya Hong said...

Well, I am a little cuckoo for Karl, the humorist and satirist that is. But I think he knows his customer better than anyone, that rare bird, the wearer and procurer of couture. If there's anything I love about him though, is that he speaks his mind, but more to entertain. He's a pleaser, and that's might be why he's so good at what he does.