Friday, August 8, 2008

Oh, if only it were true! But since rumors earlier this week that LVMH was in talks to bring Phoebe Philo on to design Celine, not a peep. This isn't the first time that speculation has zoomed in on Philo. Remember last year when everyone was waiting with baited breath for her to launch her own eponymous label?

And who can be blamed for wishing out loud? Especially since a proven talent like Philo's is worth its weight in gold, or Paddington bags, whichever way you like it. Since her unexpected departure from Chloe in 2006, she's left a void in the design world. Who else but Philo has the ability to create that effortless cool girl vibe that every fashion-minded lass yearns for?

Since 2006, she's been on the down-low, spending time with her baby and husband, the big motivations behind her departure from Chloe. She's reportedly consulted at Gap's European division, which, given the enormity of her talent almost seemed a shame.

If there's an iota of truth behind this latest talk, then the suits at LVMH must be thinking the same thing. Philo is that very rare mix of designer who is able to design stunning runway pieces that are completely wearable. While Celine's uppercrust image doesn't quite mesh with the It Girl Philo so easily designs for, a talent like hers could rejuvenate what's become an older, more conservative brand.

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Eunji said...

Phoebe Philo! I just miss her! I hope the rumor is so true.