Monday, August 18, 2008

"You would be surprised at the number of designers who are just on the brink. Even those you think are doing well," someone in the know told me recently.

It's when I hear of designers like Jane Mayle shuttering her shop and business that those words ring true. Despite the fact that she had no training in design, she had all the other tools which are almost as important--most particularly the chutzpah and tenacity--to succeed in this business.

Those things included a celebrity following, the reported guidance and support from none other than Anna Wintour, a cool girl vibe, impeccable retail store location, and, at least for some years, the ultimate key to success, a business partner.

So what gives after being able to endure in this biz for many than a decade? Which, as you know in fashion, amounts to doggy years. Economy woes aside, the answer was straight forward and simple: the challenges of running a fashion label. That answer alone has done in more than one talented designer.

And since Mayle's name has popped up before when houses like Chloe were looking for their next creative lead, I'm sure her name will come up again.


Blogger said...

Is there a good "Kitchen Confidential" for the fashion industry? There was that movie spoof a few years back.

Victorya Hong said...

It'd have to be written by someone who's had enough and goes off to work for the Travel Channel then, I think. The fashion world is way to small for someone to spill the beans and then try to keep working in it.