Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Party Frocks

I have to say that PPQ isn't really a brand that was on my radar, until Rihanna donned one of their colorful floral frocks atop the Empire State Building on some press junket or other this summer.

I do vaguely remember reading something about Peaches Geldorf designing a capsule collection for the brand, which was started by the winsome duo Amy Molyneux and Percy Parker. And then party pics show up somewhere or other, Peaches in tow, with a legion of other young London scenesters, all to fete the brand's studio move.

So while the label seems to have all the munitions to grow (starlet following, growing publicity, flagship store in a major London locale, and cool hipster vibe), I'll be keeping my eye out to see just how far Molyneux et Parker can go.

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