Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Still Designing

I guess when I hear of trademarked names being bought out like Herve Leger, and young designers like Proenza Schouler paying homage to a look as iconic as the bandage dress, I immediately assume that the designer behind the name is no longer designing. Meaning that he or she is deceased, or better yet, has cashed in.

Not so in this case, I've learned from, after seeing Penelope Cruz frocked out in Herve L. Leroux on the red carpet. Herve Leroux, if you didn't know like me, is the label currently designed by the real Leger.

There must be some awful backstory here, which is quite a shame considering Leger's talent. He's worked with the Kaiser at both Fendi and Chanel, Lanvin, and high end hosier Wolford.

I can't think of anything worse to befall a designer. Because in fashion, isn't it all in the name?

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