Monday, August 4, 2008

Summer in The City

Yesterday reminded me of how great summer can be in the city. Saturday's thunderstorms had finally chased away the humidity, making it a picture perfect day for a concert in the park.

Do you know about Summer Stage? It's a non-profit organization that schedules literally thousands of performances in the city's countless parks, many of them free. The group dedicates a good portion of its funds to go globe-hunting, bringing some of the best music to New York.

Yesterday, Summer Stage brought in headlining act Jamie Lidell from London, and he's the reason why I went. But wow, was I impressed with one of the opening acts, a girl named Janelle Monae.

Her music can be described as Futuristic Rock, with some Afro-punk influences and a good dose of Soul. She's been likened to a mix between Gnarls Barkley and Andre 3000, only she's flat out gorgeous and has a retro chic sense of style. After recently signing to Bad Boy Records, expectations are high that she might become the next big thing. And after seeing her perform yesterday, I have no doubt that she just might live up to those expectations.

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