Wednesday, August 20, 2008

There's a polemic brewing for a while now about how New York's fashion star is fading fast, especially compared to that of Paris. That got me thinking about how each capital is different, and whose work I've been looking to among the emerging designer crowd, and that happens to be London, which ironically, is so far outside of this discussion altogether.

While designers here in New York certainly have the potential to make it big across the world stage, there's no denying that Paris always churns out the most polished collections. Still, so many ideas come from London that its a bit of a shame how the up and coming English designers often shift to other Fashion Weeks, either New York or Paris, when they look to gain more exposure for their brand.

There's a good band of interesting stuff, though, coming out of that little isle by the North Sea: Richard Nicoll, Roksanda Ilincic, Louise Gray, and two of my staple favs, Preen and Emma Cook. Another designer who, I think, has the potential for longevity is Erdem Moralioglu.

Armed with a degree from the prestigious Royal College of Art in London, it's kind of interesting to know that his previous work experience included a stint with Diane von Furstenberg. Easy wrap dresses are the last thing to come to mind when you look at his intellectual designs.

But I think that's a sure sign of a good designer, someone who can design outside of their own personal taste. While I think he's still learning to come into his own, (and who isn't really?), it'll be interesting to see where his work takes him and whether the city of London remains a part of that path.


Blogger said...

I am waiting for Moscow to take over the fashion world.

Victorya Hong said...

There's definitely enough cash there...but really?

Blogger said...

Yes, Moskovites are more consumers than producers with the exception of oil.

But they do tend to dress better on a daily basis. I lived there for a few years. And for women, looking nice and dressing nice was an important escape.