Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Last week, top model Erin Wasson announced she was designing a line of clothing for casual cool label Rvca, a company that I had never really heard of before but one which, apparently, is a fav in the skating community.

All the fashion journals showed the requisite shots of her upcoming Spring line which has already scored a major coup by being picked up by the perennially hip boutique Opening Ceremony. But what struck me as more than just slightly odd was the striking resemblance one of her key looks holds to Alexander Wang's line.

Okay, maybe odd isn't the correct word. It would be logical that the line bears a strong resemblance to Wang's, especially since Wasson has been credited as being Wang's muse and stylist to his past two critically well-received collections. So, now, since the designer is doing well, Wasson decides to capitalize on the success of the Wang girl by designing a line of her own?

You could argue that she's designing for a different girl. But now that Wang has just launched his own diffusion line of lower priced knits, you could hardly tell which girl is which. Looking at this shot from Rvca, and from Wang's runway collection, I certainly couldn't tell which girl is wearing Wang, and which girl is wearing Wasson.

Wasson was recently busted by a well-known blog for knocking off jewelry line Bliss Lau. Apparently Lau sold Wasson one of her signature pieces, and Wasson then went on to recast the design, put it in Wang's runway show, and thereby launch her own jewelry line. Okay, okay, I'll cut her just a teensy bit of slack. All designers look somewhere for inspiration, and there isn't a single good designer that doesn't look at other designers, be they living or dead. But to do it so literally? Well, I guess you get right down to it, isn't that copying? Is that really designing?

Don't get me wrong. Wasson, in my book, is an absolutely stunning model. But to so easily call her a designer? Well, her track record so far might suggest a different story.

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