Thursday, August 14, 2008

The Psychic Hotline of Fashion

Is there something in the water in Milan? An invisible, tasteless chemical that somehow makes you smarter, and exponentially more perceptive than an average USofAer? After Franca Sozzani's universally lauded all black Vogue Italia cover, Miuccia Prada's sportswear heavy collection for her Miu Miu line is just blowing me away, some 6 months now after it was shown.

Especially since Michael Phelps' shattering performance in Beijing remains so fresh in my mind, and with the hullabaloo surrounding the NASA engineered Speedo suits that all the swimmers donned, I have to ask: Is Miuccia Prada an oracle? While I've never been personally keen on the Prada girl (just a little too proper and polished for my home-grown tastes), I've always been a big admirer of Miuccia. An oracle she may not be, but a savant, at least when it comes to what will be the next big thing, she has proven herself to be time and time again.

Though there were other designers who picked up on the trend forward for lace (Emma Cook, McCartney, McQueen, Lacroix and Karl, some of whom use the fine fabric almost as if it were a staple) Prada will probably be most credited with the whirl of Chantilly and Alencon that is to come in September. And deservedly so. She made the biggest statement with it. And any statement coming from this reportedly staid lady is worth straining to hear.

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