Thursday, April 24, 2008

All About the Clothes

La Repubblica has a monthly glossy that I'm lucky to get this side of the pond and this month, the focus was "California Dreaming". I'm always struck by the way Europeans view the US and I thought this theme was particularly spot on, given these times.

But that's not what really stood out for me. It was the whole back concept behind the edition. After a series of nude shots of Lisa Kant, frolicking in fields a-la-Adolf-Koch, the fashion shots showed the models with their faces cropped out.

This isn't a necessarily new idea. Stefano Pilati played with this concept most recently in his Fall 08 collection, where all the models came out with androgynous mop crops. Martin Margiela has employed this technique in a less extreme way, and Junya Watanabe is a master at it.

I love what this makes you focus on the clothes. There are so many corollary discussions I could tie in to this...the body mass debate in modeling, the fetishicizing of women, celebrity culture...but that's just it. It's just about the clothes.

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