Wednesday, April 16, 2008

....Stars, part 2

When we arrived to Capitale last week for the Point Foundation event, the requisite crowd of photogs awaited. They stood, hovering around the red carpet with their flashing bulbs, shouting, “Could you look here?...To your right!...Look forward please!” It’s all the kind of stuff you see on tv, and months now after my fleeting role on the boob tube, it’s still very surreal.

Not five minutes later, I witnessed the beginnings of mayhem in the ranks. It was as if some invisible tectonic plates were shifting before my eyes, auguring an event of seismic proportions. Sarah Jessica had arrived.

If bulbs were working before, the lights flashing now could have easily fueled the floor of Pacha on a Saturday night. And so much shouting. I was about to turn to Jack to bet whether we’d see any physical outbreak in the photog line, when three more cars rolled up. I had to pinch myself. Who would have thought that I would see Samantha, Carrie, Charlotte and Miranda all together in the flesh?

Of course, they all looked stunning. Sarah Jessica was tastefully dressed in Yves Saint Laurent. I noticed her necklaces....fabulous. Vera Wang? Subversive? Ericson Beamon, I later discovered.

After dinner, when Jack and I fought through the dense mob of people up front, I wasn’t actually sure if SJP would remember me. But she was as gracious as ever. When I went to shake her hand, she leaned over and gave me a quick hug. (Well, she is a huge star and I didn’t want to be presumptuous...instead, I ended up feeling like a dork!)

She mentioned that Steve & Barry’s had sold something like 100,000 units of the dress I designed for the show. Not bad, I thought. But at $20 a pop, and a strategic release date that kicked off Black Friday, I have to give some props to the S&B team for some smart planning. I couldn’t have been more pleased.

Well, I was more pleased, as it turns out, when I spotted Kim Cattrall. I nearly accosted the poor woman as she was trying to make a quick getaway from the throngs of admirers. I know I could have caused an ugly collision when I stepped into her way, but I was overcome and wanted to introduce myself.

I’m a big SJP fan, but an even bigger admirer of Kim Cattrall. She has that amazing, near perfect, alabaster skin that only stars seem to be blessed with. I think I must have blubbered on for a good couple of minutes about how she has always been my favorite on the series. I regret that, out of fear of appearing like a bigger dork than I truly am, I chickened out and didn’t ask for a picture.

From now on, I’m embracing my dorkiness, and the camera is coming out.


Tbone said...

Wow - that's the first I've heard about the S&B sales figures on your goreaous design!

And everyone should embrace their inner dork.

Laura K said...

I embrace my outward dorkiness as well.

Tbone can't spell.

chicchicbaby said...

I love that shirt dress you designed for the show, unfortunately, there isnt anyway I can buy online.