Saturday, April 12, 2008

On all this speculation....

So I'm not breaking the news here that Nina is parting ways with Elle. And I've had serious reservation about blogging on this news, simply because I don't have all the details. But then, neither do all the other blogs who have fueled speculation that the fashion director was fired.

Even WWD focused on Nina's 'notable absence' from an event on Tuesday hosted by Elle for Simon Doonan. And other outlets have speculated what with all the drama (crying, closed door meetings) that reportedly took place in the Elle offices, that of course, she must have been been given the pink slip.

Well, from what little I know, the Ugly Betty episode featuring Christian and Nina was filmed in LA earlier this week. It had been postponed from its original filming date due to some scheduling conflict. So, that could be why she couldn't make it to a party on Tuesday, even if it was for the rather fabulous creative director of Barney's.

So, what do we know? Well, that she's not working at Elle anymore. And until she, or Elle, confirms whether it was mutual or one-sided, I don't think we'll ever know.

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