Thursday, April 24, 2008

A Muse's Bouche..Betty Speaks

The Muses of Yves Saint Laurent Pt 1

I feel like Betty Catroux is the least known among the coterie of women who influenced Yves Saint Laurent in his designing career.

With her signature white blond hair and androgynous looks, I’ve always been enamored of her confidence and strength.

In this interview, the only one I’ve ever seen of her, she talks about the early years when she first met YSL and they cavorted in the javascript:void(0)clubs of Paris, living out "one long party." It sounds like such a deliciously hedonistic time. But Betty isn't just any woman. She's a woman who knows that telling less is always much, much more.

Oh, the stories she must have, rolled up in the sleeves of her peak-lapel jackets. That I were a perfectly constructed 2-piece sleeve in superfine English gabardine wool with 6 tiny corozo buttons.


Anonymous said...

Wow didn't know you had a blog on here! The ladies in Boston love you and your clothes!

Victorya Hong said...

And I love the ladies in Boston! Thank you for the encouragement, Bethany. Please keep reading!