Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Marketing master of the high and low

This past weekend, I piled into a car (an unusual event here in the pedestrian capital of North America) and headed west across the river to New Jersey. Again an extremely unusual event. Not that I have anything against NJ. It's just, living in a place like New York, you really can find almost everything here. Just about everything except that mixmaster of a retailer Target, that is.

My cart filled with 12-roll toilet tissue (which is bulk by NY standards), detergents, cleaners, and sundry cosmetic goods, I just happened to walk by the Loeffler Randall line, which was marked down to make way for the new Gryson bags.

I was amazed at how nice it all looked. Of course, I just had to buy something.... I mean who can resist a mark-down at Target? I ended up dishing out a whopping $13.98 for the adorable brown rose clutch above.

Since then, I've taken a quick look online, which has the entire collection, marked down even further. I'm a bit bummed that I didn't see the shoes, or the chic little weave clutch in cream, pictured above, while I was there.

But with everything now reduced to under $19.99, I could afford to buy the entire line, and still come out a happy, stylish, and none-too broke shopper with just the click of a button.

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