Monday, April 14, 2008

Can you Tecktonik?

Friday's WSJ had a great story about a new dance craze that's sweeping across Europe. There's some unfortunate behind the scene fracas going on involving a French club promoter named Alexandre Barouzdin, who is seeking to profit on the use of the name Tecktonik. He trademarked the term and has plans to turn it into a global brand. (Imagine if someone had tried to do the same with hip hop or disco.)

Apparently, the dance may come to New York soon. A concert is slated this fall and may feature some Tecktonik dancers.

French rap/pop diva Yelle, she of the gut busting hit "Parle a la Main" (translation: Speak to the's even funnier than when Schwarzenegger uttered those words in Terminator) has already cut a video featuring Tecktonik to the tune of her song "A Cause des Garcons" (Because of Boys).

I wonder if we'll see Madonna Tecktoniking soon?

--Victorya Hong

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