Thursday, April 10, 2008

Charlotte or Lou?

Now that Charlotte Gainsbourg is rumored to be the next face of Balenciaga, there seems to be no realm the Birkin sisters have yet to conquer equally. Remember kid sister Lou Doillon as the body of Eres, or in those Morgan ads in France?

Okay, so Lou is no chanteuse...yet. Though she doesn't share her sister's crooning legacy (Serge Gainsbourg is Charlotte's father), perhaps she'll be coming out with an album of her own in the future. I've always seen her as the cool rocker chick to her thoughtfully intellectual older sister Charlotte anyway.

----Victorya Hong


Ayala said...

Cool blog, Victorya. I have to say, it's hard for me to decide between Charlotte and Lou. Both of them are fashion icons to me! I think Charlotte will be the perfect face for Balenciaga. And here's hoping Lou will decide to follow her sister's footsteps and make an album! (It would HAVE to be good, you just know it!)

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Victorya Hong said...

Kylie does rock, doesn't she?