Monday, April 21, 2008

The Pope Wears Prada

Actually, he doesn't. But all these reports about him sporting designer goods (eyewear, at least) do point to one thing. Benedict is no wall flower.

Or at least, the media coverage of him this weekend suggests he's something of a rock star, a bonafide celebrity. I mean, he does ride around in a vehicle known as the Popemobile (...move over, Bruce Wayne.)

All this papal frenzy made me wonder if we'd see any of it inspiring collections in September. Or maybe we already have.

Last February, Riccardo Tisci said he was looking to show a romantic sensuality in what is widely regarded as his breakaway collection. The religious references were obvious, but he did it in such a dark, goth way, I think it could raise alarm bells with even the most fashion-forward in the Vatican.

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