Friday, April 11, 2008

Model of the Moment....Simona

Oh! I promised myself before starting this project that I wouldn't be one of those erratic bloggers who blogged whenever or wherever they fancied. Already before my first week is even up, here I am filing somewhat late today.

I promise, though, I have very good reason. I'm somewhat up to my ears in patterns and muslins, busily at work on my Holiday/ Resort collection. Of course, production for Fall is looming not too far off, so all of this multi-tasking has forced me to put my blogging off until the evening.

Everyone knows that Jackie is my favorite model. I love her so much I look at her almost as a kid sister....ahem, my tall, blonde, gorgeous kid sister.... I'm sure I don't need to spell out the similarities for you now, do I?

I couldn't have been happier when Jackie agreed to open and close my show in February. In fact, all the girls who walked for me were pretty stellar. (A big shout out to my fantastic casting director Colby. After seeing her at work during Fashion Week, I gained a newfound appreciate for all the logistical strategizing casting directors do.)

Amid even this standout group, there were still a couple of girls who stood out even further. Simona was one of them. She has this ethereal beauty, anchored by a keen sense of groundedness. And after just a few moments of talking with Simona, I was bowled over by her maturity and sense of calm composure. (I loved chatting with all the girls, even the girls who didn't speak English well. What were they wearing? What other castings they had they been to? Were they doing many shows? Were they going to Paris? Milan?)

Since then, I've seen Simona in show, after show, after show. From Marc by Marc, as well as Marc Jacobs collection, Gianfranco Ferre, Moschino Cheap and Chic, Yohji, Gaultier, and name just a few.

Not bad, for a girl who isn't even old enough to vote.

--Victorya Hong

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