Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Naomi does it again

"The good and the bad. Nobody has it all together. So let's not pretend."--Naomi Campbell

You don't have to convince me that Naomi seems to have some serious anger management issues. From personal experience though, I've learned you can't believe everything you read in the press. But because of the frequency of her outbursts, and if I recall, some physical evidence of abuse...didn't her maid sport a scab on her head after that infamous phone incident?... I wouldn't want to be within throwing distance of the super model.

Still, I've heard from people in the industry who have worked closely with the super diva that Naomi is actually quite sweet and generous. And I have to give the girl some credit for always looking fabulous. She won serious brownie points with me when she donned that fabulous Dolce & Gabbana gown on the last day of her community service after spending five days mopping the floors of a New York sanitation depot. That gown was then auctioned off to benefit Nelson Mandela's charity for kids.

Okay, so apparently she has a thing with spitting, according to reports from this latest incident at Heathrow. But seriously, I think we all know how it feels to go near ballistic when our luggage is lost, or when we have to wait for what seems like hours in a throng of a gazillion other people, all close to going off the deep end.

As for the racial slurs? Expletives aside, I guess calling someone a white honkey just doesn't seem as offensive as a slew of other names. Whenever George Jefferson used that epithet, it was always followed by canned laughter.

I think she might just be a girl prone to drama extreme. Which actually may be why she can pull off being so fabulous at times. Not that this should be an excuse for her behavior, especially when it causes harm to others. But what would fashion be without a teensy bit of drama?

Remember this video, shot by Steven Klein some time back for W Magazine? At least the girl can laugh at herself for her foibles, all while busting some serious move to Tina Turner.

Victorya Hong

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Jay said...

I can see what you mean with Naomi in general - i would have to object regarding the use of racial slurs though. while it's not exactly okay, but not necessarily a mortal insult to use those within one ethnic group (since it's ironic use comes across more easily when the speaker is the same ethnicity)

i don't think it's "okay" or potentially followed by canned laughter when she called the employees "white honkeys" or whatever it was - just imagine the outcry if the employees had used the N-word at her. while its okay on some tv shows for black people to call each other that, it wouldn't be for white people.

and i find it especially rich for her to complain about racist behaviour of the employees.