Thursday, June 5, 2008

An A-List Night

Last night Elisa and I cabbed it down to a red carpet awards ceremony. I've been so caught up in work, I don't think I would have gone if Kathy Griffin weren't hosting the event. It was also a chance to get to see friends from the show again, and since we are divided by the space of a continent, I figured I might as well make use of these precious opportunities as much as they present themselves.

I wish I were better at taking pictures at these things, though I am proud of myself for even having remembered my clicker. One of the highlights of my evening was probably meeting Margaret Cho, who looked winsome in piggy tails. And apart from Kathy Griffin's tomfoolery on stage, the really best part was getting some grub at a diner down the street after the show.

Christian is feigning sass here, but that's why I'm posting this pic. In the next shot, which flashed immediately after, he' all smiles again, but unfortunately, as it's blurry, and not quite as fun, it will stay on my desktop. The whole gang was there, Kev, Sweet P, Jack, oh, and Daniel Franco from another season. Alas, I don't have a table shot so that image will have to remain printed only in my memory.

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