Friday, June 20, 2008

An Ad to Wake You Up

I'm a big coffee fan. Not that I drink a lot of it, but I love it so much, it's the last thing I think of as I go to bed...just how good my coffee will taste in the morning.

If you want to get all technical, I drink espresso. And I'm not a big fan of this country's nationwide chain, either. Too roasted, if you ask me, and only an option as a very last and desperate resort. Give me a good piccolo over a behemoth paper container the size of a milk carton any time. Besides, there's something so civilized about drinking out of a teeny espresso cup, your little pinky extended in the air.

When I happened to be in Venice's airport last week, I stopped dead in my tracks when I saw a visually stunning tryptich of ads. I was molto contenta to see they were by Lavazza, one of my favorite coffees (besides Le Chat Noir and good old Mexican Bustelo.)

Aren't they grand? While I'm a big fan of minimalism, it made me pine for a little more upmf in some of the campaigns I've been seeing of late. No doubt Juergen Teller is a pioneer, but I wish the likes of Marc, with his millions of dollars allocated to pr, would surprise us and take a crazy turn, shock us with something new.


Perry Ellis Fan said...

Moschino is good in this area

Victorya Hong said...

Another Italian co!