Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Of All Dellal

There's no doubt Kate Moss is more than just a supermodel. She's really a fashion icon of the highest order. So, whenever rumours spread that she's being dropped in a campaign, the girls in contention to fill her heels must have some pretty impressive pedigrees.

I'm rooting for Alice Dellal, who is one of the names being whispered as a suitable replacement for Miss Moss as Agent Provocateur's next face, or body in this case.

I find the choice kind of fascinating, and love the idea. Okay, so she's known to show up a little worse for wear in her public appearances, but that's what's so great. She's a girl who's sported a half-shaved head, runny black liner, and nose ring. And reportedly, since I've never seen her in person, she's rather pint-sized, for a model at least.

I guess it helps that her mother is a former model from Brazil and her father a wealthy Brit. Oh yes, and that she runs with the international jet setting pack that includes the likes of the royal family of Monaco.

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