Monday, June 16, 2008

First Stop, Venice pt 1.

Technology is an amazing thing. While abroad last week, I was able to post a number of blogs remotely, so who even knew I was away?

Though I praise the advantages of a high tech world, especially as an emerging one-woman design company, still, there's something about tradition and history that I often feel is lacking here in the US. The Italians and French are flush in these things.

Which brings me to the first stop on my brief sojourn last week: Venice. Besides Paris and Rome, Venice ranks right up there as one of the most breath-taking cities in Europe. Just the water taxi ride into the city from the airport is something straight out of a movie.

Besides knowing how to make the most delicate lace and having preserved the centuries-old art of glass-making, the Venetians are perhaps amongst the most skilled at exhibiting their wares. They even know how to make sweets into a display of art.

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