Monday, June 30, 2008

Big Shoes

Hannah MacGibbon is going predominantly flat this season for Chloe, at least in her shoes. The French house has had some trouble regaining its footing since Phoebe Philo left the house a couple of years back, especially after Paulo Melim Andersson couldn't quite prove that he could fill Philo's 5 inch heels. And now they're betting on MacGibbon, who has been around long enough to know better than anyone just who the Chloe girl is.

Remember when Chloe was all the rage? Philo's easy, cool designs somehow captured what every girl wanted to be, the Chloe girl. If resum├ęs are any indication, MacGibbon may have all the qualifications to repeat Philo's magic, especially since she was Philo's design assistant for years. Doesn't sound like much, until you remember that Philo, herself, was assistant to friend Stella McCartney. When McCartney left to form her own brand, Philo stepped out of the shadows and into her own, which is exactly what Chloe is hoping MacGibbon will do.

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