Wednesday, May 21, 2008

A Cautionary Tale with A Fairy Tale Ending?

Since the news broke last month that Miguel Adrover had found the backing he needed to return to the fashion world, I've been waiting with baited breath. And now the Mallorcan almond farmer is already on his press junket, showing his capsule collection for German green cataloguer Hess Natur.

Adrover's is the cautionary tale for all us struggling designers. He's the underdog we all rooted for whose financial demise was detailed in the pages in WWD. People wanted him to succeed so badly, they even volunteered and worked for him for free. I actually know someone who did precisely that, cutting fabric and patterns in the basement of his now almost legendary East Village boutique Horn.

Touted as the next big thing by the fashion elite, he had a cerebral, political approach to fashion. So when Pegasus stepped in to back him, the wide-spread beleif was that Adrover would become that next big thing, and you could literally hear the roar of the crowds. That is, until Pegasus went under, taking Adrover along with it.

Even Adrover's move back to the sunny isle of Mallorca was detailed in all the press. Of course, there was some hemming and hawing when he scrawled "Anyone Seen A Backer?" on his tee-shirt at his farewell show in New York....but how can you not love a guy with such chutzpah?

I hate to wonder, but I do: After an absence of several years, and the envious backing of a multi-million company behind him, however green, will he able to re-ignite the love affair a second time around? So far, this is the only pic I can find after scouring for more shots of his collection. But based on this, I think he can.

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