Friday, May 30, 2008

Summer Reading

As we prepare to set sail for a little vacay across the high seas next week, it's a toss up for me as to who will make my summer reading list: James Frey or Scott McClellan.

Okay, so I do try to steer clear of politics on this blog, and I will make another feeble attempt now. But I realized with all the hullabaloo surrounding these two men, how curious it is that they share something so obvious in common. They are both two people who have made extremely profitable careers out of trying to pass off lies as truths, and are now making even more money after coming clean about it.

That's the thought that struck me as I watched Keith Olbermann last night. I nearly gagged when Keith turned to Scott (yes, we're all on first names, here) and said something about the monumental contribution Scott was making to history. OK, that's probably true, but I swear Keith was poised to just pat Scott on the back when he said it.

We're talking about the guy who fronted for the administration from 2003-2006, here. A man who, now he admits, knowingly deceived the press on many accounts about the current administration. Remember when journalist David Gregory pinned him down about Karl Rove leaking Valerie Plame's name? Scott wasn't even squirming then, even though he had been caught red-handed on national television for all the world to see.

I realize I'm painting a thin line to follow. But I guess I'm wondering if somehow it just isn't better to have sinned, than not sinned at all. Or, put this way, is a self-professed liar any better than a successful one? Only Scott, James, and their bankers may be able to answer that.

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