Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Listen Up

Yesterday´s blog got me thinking. If girls like top model Ali Michaels, who´s walked in every show that´s worth watching, face discrimination about her weight, what about real girls?

What about a girl like Beth Ditto, lead singer of one of my favorite bands Gossip? Even though she was nominated for Sexiest Woman of the Year by weekly UK music rag New Musical Express (and posed nude for one of its covers....kudos Beth!), I´ve been waiting for her and her kick-ass band to really hit it big stateside.

Are the English just more open to those of us who are a little weight challenged? I mean, Beth did perform in LA for Alexander McQueen´s new store opening, donning one of his couture frocks no less. While current Brit It boy in fashion Henry Holland has vocally expressed his wish to collaborate with the buxom diva.

Not only can the girl seriously belt out a tune, and give Lily Allen a run for her money in songstress style, Beth even pens a weekly column for one of my favorite English broadsheets, The Guardian.

So, what gives? When will Elle, Teen Vogue, or Rolling Stone finally put Beth who, incidentally, is out about being gay, on one of their covers, curves and all?

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